Michael Eaton on the Good Humour Club

Last week we were lucky enough at CECs to have the writer Michael Eaton speak to us about his recent dramatisation of the ‘Good Humour Club’ minute book. His talk took us into the heart of what is at stake in historical adaptation, but also opened up really interesting issues in relation to eighteenth-century sociability and to the publishing background of Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy.

Michael’s work is open to anyone to listen to at Shandy Hall’s excellent ‘Good Humour Club’ website http://goodhumour.laurencesternetrust.org.uk

See also other events in relation to the club, and not just in relation to Sterne. In April, for instance, there will be a wonderful event at the Yorkshire Museum on James Atkinson (1759-1839), a medical man who was both a member of the convivial ‘Good Humour Club’ and also the more improving Yorkshire Philosophical Society, begun in 1822. Details of the event are at: http://www.laurencesternetrust.org.uk/exhibition.php?id=159


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