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Research Spotlight: Lilian Tabois

Studying: PhD in English and Related Literature (full-time)Supervisor: Dr Emma MajorThesis Title: British Women's Travel Writing to Latin America and Historiography, 1820-1850Research Interests: Early nineteenth-century British literature; travel writing; historiography; transatlantic literary studies; women’s writing; the Age of Revolution Thesis Overview My thesis explores the relationship between travel writing, historiography, and revolution in the journals of British… Continue reading Research Spotlight: Lilian Tabois


Difficult Women in the Long Eighteenth Century

By Anna Mercer The 2015 CECS conference ‘Difficult Women 1680-1830’ in 2015 invited researchers to reflect on their own interpretation of the many ‘Difficult Women’ who lived in the long eighteenth century. Papers addressed many different female experiences and lifestyles, from religiously non-conformist women to women bearing arms The Difficult Women team consisted of four… Continue reading Difficult Women in the Long Eighteenth Century

Research Spotlight

Research Spotlight: Millie Schurch

Studying: PhD in English and Related Literature (full-time)Supervisor: Dr Mary FaircloughThesis Title: Women, Empiricism, and Epistolarity, 1740-1810Research Interests: Eighteenth-century literature and culture; history of science; gender studies; letters; sociability Thesis Overview My thesis examines the relationship between epistolarity and empirical culture in the mid-late eighteenth century. I focus on female-authored epistolary writing, in the form of letters… Continue reading Research Spotlight: Millie Schurch

Awards and Funding

Animals, Apples, and Climate Change: A Chawton House Visit

By Harrie Neal With thanks to BARS and the Stephen Copley Bursary that enabled me to visit Chawton House in September this year. Thanks also goes to everyone at Chawton House, especially Darren Bevin and Clio O’Sullivan, for helping me navigate the library’s collection of Maria Edgeworth’s children’s tales about animals, which is the focus… Continue reading Animals, Apples, and Climate Change: A Chawton House Visit

Partner Projects

William Blake at the British Library

By Elizabeth Potter For the past few years, the British Library has sought out PhD students to engage with their vibrant collection in innovative ways. Interested in intensive and methodical engagement, the Library has arranged themed research projects on specific subjects or collections. This is done to most fully offer practical support to develop meaningful… Continue reading William Blake at the British Library