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Research Spotlight: Sharon Choe

Studying: PhD in English Literature (full-time)Supervisor: Prof. Jon MeeThesis title: ‘Deformed, Dismembered, Disembodied: Re-inventing the Body Politic in William Blake’Research Interests: William Blake, poetry, medical humanities, the body, disability theory, ‘Britishness’, eighteenth-century Northern antiquarianism, Old Norse reception, myth theory, 1790s. Thesis Overview My doctoral thesis addresses two specific parts of William Blake’s poetry: Blake’s use… Continue reading Research Spotlight: Sharon Choe

Research Spotlight

Research Spotlight: Elizabeth Potter

Studying: PhD in English and Related Literature (full-time)Supervisor: Prof. Jon MeeThesis Title: William Blake, Sir Joshua Reynolds, and Annotation Research Interests: Eighteenth-century literature and visual culture; history of the book; eighteenth-century British art; digital humanities; aesthetics; postcolonial theory. Thesis Overview Inside of William Blake’s copy of The Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds(1798) are extensive annotations; some contentious, others concurring, some poetic, others… Continue reading Research Spotlight: Elizabeth Potter

Partner Projects

William Blake at the British Library

By Elizabeth Potter For the past few years, the British Library has sought out PhD students to engage with their vibrant collection in innovative ways. Interested in intensive and methodical engagement, the Library has arranged themed research projects on specific subjects or collections. This is done to most fully offer practical support to develop meaningful… Continue reading William Blake at the British Library