CECS in Tokyo and in POETICA

I’ve just completed an essay ‘Electrical Science and Della Cruscan Poetics in the 1790s’ which will come out in a special issue of the journal POETICA vol. 82 pp.1-21, in December 2014. The essay is taken from my current research project on ‘cultures of electricity’ in the long eighteenth century. The journal special issues features selected papers from a conference that I attended in Japan in June 2014, the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism’s supernumerary conference ‘Romantic Connections’, held at the University of Tokyo. Several former CECS students presented papers at the ‘Romantic Connections’ conference, and I’m delighted that my essay will feature in the POETICA special edition alongside the work of two other CECS alumni. Dr Alex Watson (Japan Women’s University) is the editor of the special edition, and Dr Richard Adelman (University of Sussex) provides an essay on ‘Keats and the Sociability of Idle Contemplation’. I hope we can continue to develop the York-Tokyo connections!

Mary Fairclough

CECS alumni in Tokyo
CECS alumni in Tokyo

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