Anglo-Scottish Relations

On 1 November 2014 CECS hosted a successful day conference on the topical theme of Anglo-Scottish Relations. Prompted by the Scottish independence referendum campaign, the conference explored the cultural, political and social connections between Scotland and England in the long eighteenth century. Our keynote speakers Professor Stana Nenadic (University of Edinburgh), Professor Michael Brown (University of Aberdeen) and Professor Jane Rendall (University of York) each explored in different ways the professional, philanthropic and intellectual networks that supported the English in Scotland and the Scots in England at the period. The conference also featured a panel of papers by Dr David Stewart (Northumbria University), Dr David Higgins (University of Leeds) and Professor Tom Mole (University of Edinburgh), which explored the interactions between Scottish and English periodicals, and a panel formed of papers by Dr Rhona Brown (University of Glasgow), Dr Hamish Mathison (University of Sheffield) and Jennifer Wilkes (University of York) on the work of Robert Burns and publishing culture associated with Burns’s poetry. During the lively and stimulating round table discussion at the end of the day, delegates agreed that much work remains to be done on the subject of Anglo-Scottish relations, and we hope to begin this process with the publication of a volume of essays arising from the conference.

Sawney Scott



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