CECS Colloquium to celebrate the work of Harriet Guest

Our next event at CECS is ‘Sound Words, Strange Tattoos and Unbounded Attachments: Celebrating the Works of Harriet Guest’, on Saturday 17th May 2014, at the King’s Manor, organised by Emma Major.  From A Form of Sound Words to South Pacific tattoos, and from Small Change to Unbounded Attachment, Professor Harriet Guest’s work covers an extraordinary range of writers, themes, and places, and has been acclaimed all over the world. Her dazzling interdisciplinarity and international esteem are reflected in this celebratory gathering of scholars of different nations, disciplines, and ages.

Speakers include:

  • Elizabeth Edwards
  • Robert Jones
  • Cora Kaplan
  • Catriona Kennedy
  • Emma Major
  • Jon Mee
  • Felicity Nussbaum
  • Mark Philp
  • Jane Rendall

Registration online (£20 for external delegates, free registration for members of the University of York)  at:

Eventbrite logo

Please join us at the King’s Manor, York,  for a day of lively discussion in honou‌r of this remarkable scholar.


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