Welcome to CECS! Here’s some of our recent news…

It’s a pleasure to begin with congratulations for three of our PhD students who recently passed their viva exams, Anaclara Castro (marriage in the plays and novels of Henry Fielding) , Arlene Leis (on Sarah Sophia Banks) and Amy Milka (on representations of Jacobinism). Well done!

As we look ahead to our end of term Christmas party and start to make plans for 2014 events, this is a good point also to look back on an enjoyably busy term. Highlights include excellent seminar papers from Jim Chandler (Chicago), Fiona Stafford (Oxford), Greg Dart (UCL), and Jon Mee (York), the inaugural Anglo-Swedish postgraduate workshop (featuring students from York and Uppsala), and our very successful day conference Sociability and Print Culture, which attracted one of our biggest ever audiences. York speakers Natasha Glaisyer, Mark Jenner, Emma Major, and Jon Mee were joined by Tom Mole (Edinburgh) and Mark Towsey (Liverpool). Gillian Russell (ANU) gave a wonderful keynote address at the end of the day

Gillian Russell at CECS, York November 2014
before a drinks reception in CECS to celebrate the recent publication of books by CECS staff Mary Fairclough, Hannah Greig, Joanna de Groot, Harriet Guest, Catriona Kennedy, Emma Major, and Jon Mee.

Book Launch November 2014

More soon…


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